"Burned Land", painting by Faton Kryeziu

Lessons from the Battlefield: The Smell of War

By on January 20, 2018

I wrote a book titled “The Smell of War: Lessons from the Battlefield”. It has now been published by a publishing house in Kosovo.

It’s about (what else?) the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. It took me a long time to write it, having it edited, and finally, prepare everything for the printing press. We printed a small number of copies, but due to the demand, we are printing some more.

I’m especially happy with the cover illustration which is a painting made by Faton Kryeziu, a local painter, and friend of mine. It’s called “Burned Land” (Toka e djegur). On the book cover, it looks like this:

About the content, “Smell of War” starts with my first day in the Bosnian war and it ends with the last day of fighting in Kosovo. In between, there are all the stories about what happened to me and my buddies.

If you have read some of my stories here, you might already know some of them. However, I didn’t want to simply copy-paste them into a book, but write an original and continuing story.

“Smell of War” is for sale on Amazon, for example, on Amazon.com  Amazon.de and Amazon.uk

There will also be a Kindle e-book version to download available in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who helped and gave suggestions and enjoy reading it!

Photo: “Burned Land” (toka e djegur), a painting by Faton Kryeziu.