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Ammunition management is of utmost importance during a combat mission. A lot of things to carry:Royal Dutch engineers personal equipment for a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan 2014, Credits:, CC0


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Ammunition Management on Combat Patrols

By on March 2, 2017

On combat patrols, soldiers have to carry many items, but most weight and a lot of place is taken by their ammunition. Here are some tips how to better pack your rounds and at the same time increase combat efficiency:

On patrols I always carried some loose rounds of ammunition…


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Rifle Grenades: A Forgotten Weapon

By on January 7, 2017

Many modern militaries have abandoned the use of rifle grenades and replaced them with the easier to use and often lighter Grenade Launchers or Multiple Grenade Launchers. Still, there are situations where a rifle grenade is the better weapon of choice. Here is a short analysis.

During my time with…

A student of the Special Forces Sniper Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center


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Under Sniper Fire!

By on December 21, 2016

When I fought for the Croats in the Bosnian war, especially in the cities sniper fire was a daily nuisance.
I remember the day I arrived in Mostar in ’93 at the height of the war. I made it 10 metres out of the bus when a sniper started shooting…

US Army soldiers during a night operation in Afghanistan


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On Modern Technology in Counterinsurgency Operations

By on December 20, 2016

Modern technology has become much more useful to the guerrilla than to a counterinsurgency force:

There is no modern technology that could give a counterinsurgency force a significant edge over a guerrilla force. The emphasis is on “significant”. There are no “game changers” in sight.
Of course there are modern technologies…

A predator drone firing off an air to ground missile.


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Drones in Counterinsurgency Operations

By on December 12, 2016

The use of drones in military operations is on the rise. It seems that especially the Intelligence community and politicians love them. But what impact had the introduction of unmanned Aerial Vehicles on the battlefield? Are drones the decisive weapon, “the game changer”, in counterinsurgency operations?

Drones or Unmanned Combat…

snipesr in camouflage clothing can be fought with anti sniper tactics


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Anti Sniper Tactics

By on November 27, 2016

Although there are a lot of new ” anti sniper tracking” devices on the market, the tactics to fight snipers haven’t fundamentally changed. This has several reasons:

Anti sniper systems are either too heavy (like the Beam 100 system, which tracks optical devices, for example sniper scopes), or have a limited…

Weapon malfunctions can happen anytime: A machine gun position in Bosnia, 1995, Credit: Author


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What to do when your weapon is jammed?

By on November 14, 2016

This happened to me twice in combat.

The first time was during Operation Mistral2 in Bosnia.
I was assigned to our machine gunner when we were called to cover the retreat of a Croatian Reconnaissance element which had come under enemy fire. One of their soldiers was shot in the leg. After we…

Roland Bartetzko
Prishtinë, Kosovë

This blog was created by Roland Bartetzko with the help and support of his friends. Bartetzko served in the German Army, the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) during the Bosnian War and with the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) during the 1999 Kosovo War. Last year he published a study about radical Islam in Kosovo. Bartetzko has a university degree in law and is currently working for a law firm in Pristina, Kosovo. The aim of this blog is to show the wide range of aspects which are all named "unconventional warfare" and show them from different angles and perspectives. A person interested in learning about counterinsurgency might get new insights if he or she is reading about the insurgent's point of view. And persons who are worried that their country might be overrun one day by a bigger and stronger neighbor will find some useful advice how to prepare themselves. This site is for everybody who is interested in the matter and we therefore try to avoid special military terms which might not be easily understandable for a civilian. Thus said, we are far from perfect. To make this website special we need your help! If you have a comment, a suggestion or if you want to contribute with an article or post, don't hesitate and contact us!

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