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Terrorism: Roadside bomb detonating in Iraq. Credits: U.S. Air Force Photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Bendet


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Battle Tactics Psychology

The Roots Of Terrorism

By on June 7, 2017

Sometimes, we wonder why so many of the major terrorist organizations seem to be Islamic. Are all terrorists Muslims?
The problem is that we often think of terrorism as a morally reprehensible behavior and not as a military tactic.
Terrorism however, is the tactic of the weak. If you want to…

Not yet Megacity Warfare: West Beirut, 1983. The Lebanese civil war raged for more than fifteen years and a lot of the fighting happened in Beirut. Credits: Wikimedia Commons


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Battle Tactics

Megacity Warfare Tactics

By on May 19, 2017

Megacities are urban areas that have a population of more than ten million people. Because of their size and other special characteristics, warfare in a megacity has its particularities:
The main problem for an attacking force in a megacity is the large surface they have to deal with:
A skyscraper takes…

Risk of Death: Foreign volunteers had a much higher risk to die during the Bosnian War,Foreign volunteers fighting on the Croat side on the frontline in Bosnia


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Battle Tactics

The True Risk of Death in War

By on May 3, 2017

Statistics and absolute numbers can’t determine the risk of death of an individual on the battlefield.
You can fight in a war with relatively few casualties on your side (like the US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan) and still get killed. On the other hand, your whole unit might be…

Guerrilla Warfare Tactics: A Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) soldier is waiting for the enemy to engage, Kosovo 1999, Credits: by Visar Kryeziu


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Battle Tactics

Guerrilla Warfare Tactics in Battles

By on April 5, 2017

“Guerrilla” means “small war” and small war tactics are not an appropriate method to win battles.
The Guerrilla usually avoids bigger engagements with the enemy. However, in the last phase of a protracted war, bigger battles are inevitable if the Guerrilla army wants to achieve its strategic goals.
During the battle…

Night Fighting: US Army Rangers fire a 120 mm mortar at night.By Pfc. Nathaniel Newkirk [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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Battle Tactics War Stories

Guerrilla Night Operations

By on February 20, 2017

Warfare has a lot to do with psychology and it’s up to you if you are scared of night operations or if you make the night your friend.

I always preferred to fight at night and felt much more comfortable in the dark than at daytime. In the Kosovo Liberation…

KlA Quick Reaction Force, Kosovo 1999


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Battle Tactics War Stories

Small War Tactics

By on January 29, 2017

Even a limited number of soldiers can make a big difference.
Operating from our small base in the mountains we had constantly harassed the enemy and as the war was coming to an end (although nobody knew it yet), our enemy decided that it was payback time.
One morning a group…

Two Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers during a break in battle, 199. by Roland Bartetzko


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Battle Tactics

How to start a Resistance Movement?

By on December 28, 2016

Your country has been invaded and you want to start a resistance movement. You have no financial funds and no military expertise. How to begin?

Here is the good news: In the beginning you don’t need a lot of money and neither do you need any military expertise.

​First of all,…

Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers during a break in battle, Credits: The author


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Battle Tactics

How to protect yourself against Hand Grenade Attacks?

By on December 17, 2016

During the war in Kosovo we used to make booby traps out of hand grenades. Usually you activate the grenade (you pull out the pin) before installing the trap. These traps where mostly activated by wire. We usually worked at night and in close vicinity to enemy positions and…

A Kosovo Liberation army instructor is teaching guerrilla tactics to a recruit.


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Battle Tactics

On Guerrilla tactics

By on November 29, 2016

Guerrilla war is won by tactics and not so much by a strategy. To successfully combat guerrillas a military force has to have very capable infantry squad and platoon commanders. This is their war, not that of the Generals.

Guerrilla fighters are basically light infantry and as such can only…

Two Kosovo Liberation Army guerrilla fighters preparing a meal during a break in battle, 1999. Credits: by the author


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Battle Tactics

The downsides of engaging in Guerrilla Warfare

By on November 27, 2016

One thing should be clear:

​Guerrilla war is often not a choice, but the only option that is left: Your conventional army is defeated or there was none in the first place and the enemy has occupied your country. You are not willing to surrender and start an insurgency. To…

Roland Bartetzko
Prishtinë, Kosovë

This blog was created by Roland Bartetzko with the help and support of his friends. Bartetzko served in the German Army, the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) during the Bosnian War and with the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) during the 1999 Kosovo War. Last year he published a study about radical Islam in Kosovo. Bartetzko has a university degree in law and is currently working for a law firm in Pristina, Kosovo. The aim of this blog is to show the wide range of aspects which are all named "unconventional warfare" and show them from different angles and perspectives. A person interested in learning about counterinsurgency might get new insights if he or she is reading about the insurgent's point of view. And persons who are worried that their country might be overrun one day by a bigger and stronger neighbor will find some useful advice how to prepare themselves. This site is for everybody who is interested in the matter and we therefore try to avoid special military terms which might not be easily understandable for a civilian. Thus said, we are far from perfect. To make this website special we need your help! If you have a comment, a suggestion or if you want to contribute with an article or post, don't hesitate and contact us!

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    • Two Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers during a break in battle. Ashlan village, Kosovo, 1999.
    • Two soldiers of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) preparing an improvised meal on the frontline, 1999
    • French Foreign Legion paratroopers at the battle of Dien Bien Phu, 1954. The first paras of the Legion were the German veterans of Crete and Monte Cassino.
    • USMC soldier with rifle grenade

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